Accessing number of iterations after optimization solver stops

Dear Joe,

Is there a way to access the number of iterations once the algorithm stops, i.e., after having called the optimization solver?

For instance, we have the following to print the reason for convergence using MATLAB:

fprintf('The algorithm converged due to: %s\n', Optizelle.OptimizationStop.to_string(state.opt_stop));

I am wondering if there is a way to access the number of iterations in a manner similar to the following:

fprintf('Number of iterations: %d\n', Optizelle.OptimizationIterations...));

Also, happy new year!

Thank you in advance.

Dear Joe,

It appears I just had to take a closer look at the documentation. It is accessible, using MATLAB, using the following:



Hi Samuel!
Glad you have it figured out and feel free to ask if any of the other parameters don’t make sense! There’s a ton of different settings and diagnostics, but unless I missed something, they should all be described in Chapter 4 of the manual.